So you want to take those old CVS repositories and migrate them to Git?

You can use cvs2git to migrate your CVS repository with history to Git. It requires direct filesystem access the CVS repository that you wish to convert.

Fist download cvs2git, compile, and install.

svn co --username=guest --password="" cvs2svn-trunk  
cd cvs2svn-trunk  
make install  

Now you are ready to convert a repository's history into git fast-forward format.

mkdir -p /tmp/convert/cvs2git-tmp  
cd /tmp/convert  
cvs2git --blobfile=cvs2git-tmp/git-blob.dat --dumpfile=cvs2git-tmp/git-dump.dat --username=cvs2git /path/to/cvs/repo/component  

cvs2git only migrates history so you need to add all the files to Git yourself.

cvs co component  
cd component  
find . -type d -name 'CVS' -exec rm -rf {} \;  
git init  
git add --all  

Now import the history and push it all to the origin.

cat ../cvs2git-tmp/git-blob.dat ../cvs2git-tmp/git-dump.dat | git fast-import  
git remote add origin  
git push origin master