Recently I wanted to sync my contact list from Google Mail to my old Samsung Gleam SCH-U700 via Bluetooth. From Google Mail I exported a single vCard file containing 170 individual contacts. I tried to send the that single file to my phone, but the end result was that the phone only imported the first contact from the vCard. So I realized that I needed to split the vCard into multiple files where each contained only one contact. Since vCard is a stardard format I knew I could write a Perl script to do the work for me. Like any smart person, I first googled the problem, but all I found was a non-working Perl script. I fixed the script up and here it is.



# Perl script for splitting a vCard with multiple contacts
# into a series of vCards named vCardXXX.vcf.
# Adapted from:

my $file = shift @ARGV || die "Please pass in the file name of your consolidated vcard.";

die "Cannot open '$file': $!" unless (open(INFILE, "<$file"));

my $contents; # Will hold entire vcard file contents.
    $/ = undef;              # undef record separator
    $contents = <INFILE>;    # slurp in whole file

close(INFILE) || warn "Unable to close file: $!

# Create a file for each vcard found:
my $name = 0;
while ($contents =~ m/(BEGIN:VCARD.*?END:VCARD)/smg)
    # Contents of a single vcard file:
    my $aVcard = $1;

    # Output to vcardNNN.txt file:
    if (open(OUTFILE, ">vcard$name.vcf"))
        print OUTFILE $aVcard;
        warn "Could not write vcard$name.txt:  $!";